France in Whites Creek and New Orleans in East Nashville

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Tenn Sixteen restaurant in East Nashville has just opened with a New Orleans vibe. We say vibe, rather than theme, because it takes the best of New Orleans: funky, stylish, lively and combines it with Southern and Nashville touches for a unique approach that seems like tailor-made fun for Five Points. Sure, you’ll find lamps made of Mardi Gras beads and a few other obvious decor choices. Otherwise, the art work and feel of the place just reminds us of something you might find in the cooler parts of the French Quarter. They have a big wrap-around bar and dozens of beer choices. We can’t keep our eyes off the Read more

A Look Inside: Tenn Sixteen in East Nashville

Revealed by the Nashville Guru on 06/25/13

Photo: Nashville Guru

The owners of 3 Crow Bar and Red Door Saloon bring us Tenn Sixteen, the newest bar and restaurant to grace the Five Points area of East Nashville. Tenn Sixteen (or Tenn 16) officially opened for business on Friday, June 21, 2013, next door to Read more