Nashville Hot Chicken Day 3: Tenn 16

The Great Nashville Odyssey  Mary Brace’s hunt for Nashville’s finest (relatively) cheap eats — and more.

Today’s heat is brought to you by a restaurant that’s new both to Nashville and the Nashville Hot Chicken scene. The Woodland Street digs (1016 — very clever, n’est ce pas?) have a New Orleans flair with open-window seating, Mardi Gras beads for chandeliers, and they’re very, very proud of their po’boys. But that’s not what induced me to sit down in the middle of East Nashville’s Tomato Art Festival.

Tenderness: 10 Wow. I’ve had quite a lot of buttermilk-induced texture since this trek began and so far, Tenn 16 has it down.

Moisture: 8 These two, tenderness and moisture are no doubt, related. Tenn 16 had plenty, although it wasn’t dripping chicken juices. An element of their coating added a little bit.

Grease: 6 But there was a little bit of that; plenty of sauce soaked into the bread below the meat.

Flavor: 8 This Nashville restaurant’s hot chicken has an element I haven’t tasted anywhere else (yet). Rather than rely on cayenne (although I’m sure there’s some) Tenn 16 uses a ginger/white pepper combo that’s distinctive without over powering the chicken itself.

Atmosphere: 10 I am a sucker for those window seats. If you are a people watcher, this is a destination spot in Nashville.

Sides: 5 The dish automatically comes with coleslaw. I didn’t think to ask for something different and, as I’m not a slaw eater, can’t tell you how Tenn 16’s ranked.

Overall: 8


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