Pickers Vodka Crowns Tenn Sixteen Bartender in Inaugural Cocktail Competition

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Pickers Vodka, the recent runaway hit product of West Nashville distillery Speakeasy Spirits, has celebrated the local bartenders who have contributed to their success by throwing a little friendly competition to see who could come up with the best drink using their products, either Pickers Original, Blood Orange or Blueberry, as the base spirit. The gala event was held earlier this month at 12th & Porter, and more than 200 people showed up to cheer on their favorite bartenders and partake in some Pickers while listening to three bands.

The competitors were shaking and stirring for the chance to win a trip to New Orleans to attend the annual Tales of the Cocktail this July. Twelve bartenders competed, including participants from Park Cafe, Suzy Wong’s, Burger Up Cool Springs, Midtown Brewhouse, Urban Grub and William Collier’s, who didn’t quite make the final cut.

In the end, six finalists were chosen to compete for the grand championship:

Zac Stred — Tenn Sixteen
Jaime Miller — Lockeland Table
Fabiano Santos — Acme Feed & Seed
Gary Lyons — Cochon Butcher
Alex Jump — Easy Bistro in Chattanooga
Ryan Yamada — Sinema

The esteemed panel of judges were Mike Smith of Conjure (and our beloved ex-publisher here at the Scene), Jamie Bibler from Bon Vivant and Vivek Surti, who is a bit of a bon vivant himself. After sampling all the cocktails, the judges selected Stred of Tenn Sixteen as the winner for his “Flavours of Springtime,” a concoction made with Pickers Blueberry Vodka, lemon, rosemary simple syrup, rhubarb bitters and an egg white with a rosemary garnish.

the judges selected Stred of Tenn Sixteen as the winner for his “Flavours of Springtime,” a concoction made with Pickers Blueberry Vodka, lemon, rosemary simple syrup, rhubarb bitters and an egg white with a rosemary garnish.

Stred has actively been trying to get more involved in the Nashville mixology scene, but this is the first time he has participated in a contest like this one. Up against some pretty heavy competition, the Pickers pickers picked his as pick of the litter. Congrats to Zac! Pace yourself in the Big Easy, friend.

Nashville’s 8 Best Under-the-Radar Hot Chicken Dishes

From Thrillist.com | By Brita Britnell

When Tenn Sixteen first opened its doors, it did not feature hot chicken on its menu because the head chef wanted to make sure that he did Nashville hot chicken justice. He traveled around to all of the best hot chicken joints in town and tested his own recipe until he perfected it, using fresh ginger and white pepper Read Article


Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co. passes….with flying funkadelic colors.

506 Miles

I have 3 requirements for a bar to be called awesome. 1.) The food must be top notch 2.) The TV’s need to be plentiful 3.) It needs to be a little funky. Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co. passes these with flying funkadelic colors.


Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co. is in the heart of East Nashville next to Five Points Pizza and serves up great New Orleans inspired food and drink from 11:00am to 3:00am every day.


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Sunday Brunch & FREE Wi-Fi

Announcing new Sunday Brunch time starting at 10:30 AM and we now offer FREE Wi-Fi!

With Cajun-accented comfort food, Tenn16 hits paydirt in Five Points

With Cajun-accented comfort food, Tenn16 hits paydirt in Five Points

First and Tenn  by Carrington Fox | Nashville SCENE

…Crab Benedict arrived with fluffy clouds of poached egg atop plump patties of seared seafood. Delicate drizzles of smoked poblano hollandaise accented open-face English muffins, and a creamy scoop of potatoes — like the depraved spawn of hash browns and potatoes au gratin — almost upstaged the main dish.

The surprise beauty at the table was the pedestrian-sounding steak and eggs. We expected charred meat and a yellow scramble, but chef Steven Stuart had a more elegant vision. Seared to rose-red medium-rare perfection, the hanger steak was sliced on the bias and fanned elegantly alongside eggs of our choice. (Tip: Over-medium eggs provided silky yolk to push the marriage of béarnaise and potato cakes over the top.)

A sunny silken bath of sherry cream reduction put a refined twist on traditional shrimp and grits, which were loaded with andouille sausage and the trinity of onions, peppers and celery, and topped with shredded asiago cheese…. Read Full Article

Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co. serves Southern food with New Orleans flair

Written by Nancy Vienneau  For The Tennessean

Much busyness for the enterprising folks behind The Red Door and 3 Crow Bar: They have added a third to their roster of East Nasty drinking and dining establishments: Tenn Sixteen Food & Drink Co.

The casual eatery and watering hole is housed on Woodland Street — at 1016, as you might have guessed. Street number or state abbreviation (were we not the 16th to join?), its concept is Southern, with strong leanings toward Louisiana.

A breezy evening sees the huge front windows open, bringing the fall-tinged air and sidewalk bustle of Five Points into the place. Walls are painted in NOLA colors — purple, green, yellow — and hung with brightly colored paintings. Huge fans and Mardi Gras beaded chandeliers are suspended from the rafters.

Tables and booths are set with bottles of Read more

Nashville Hot Chicken Day 3: Tenn 16

The Great Nashville Odyssey  Mary Brace’s hunt for Nashville’s finest (relatively) cheap eats — and more.

Today’s heat is brought to you by a restaurant that’s new both to Nashville and the Nashville Hot Chicken scene. The Woodland Street digs (1016 — very clever, n’est ce pas?) have a New Orleans flair with open-window seating, Mardi Gras beads for chandeliers, and they’re very, very proud of their po’boys. But that’s not what induced me to sit down in the middle of East Nashville’s Tomato Art Festival.

Tenderness: 10 Wow. I’ve had quite a lot of buttermilk-induced texture since this trek began and so far, Tenn 16 has it down.

Moisture: 8 These two, tenderness and moisture are no doubt, related. Tenn 16 had plenty, although it wasn’t dripping chicken juices. An element of their coating added a little bit.

Grease: 6 But there was a little bit of that; plenty of sauce soaked into the bread below the meat.

Flavor: 8 This Nashville restaurant’s hot chicken has an element I haven’t tasted anywhere else (yet). Rather than rely on cayenne (although I’m sure there’s some) Tenn 16 uses a ginger/white pepper combo that’s distinctive without over powering the chicken itself.

Atmosphere: 10 I am a sucker for those window seats. If you are a people watcher, this is a destination spot in Nashville.

Sides: 5 The dish automatically comes with coleslaw. I didn’t think to ask for something different and, as I’m not a slaw eater, can’t tell you how Tenn 16’s ranked.

Overall: 8


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France in Whites Creek and New Orleans in East Nashville

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Photo by NashvilleRestaurants.Blogspot.com

Tenn Sixteen restaurant in East Nashville has just opened with a New Orleans vibe. We say vibe, rather than theme, because it takes the best of New Orleans: funky, stylish, lively and combines it with Southern and Nashville touches for a unique approach that seems like tailor-made fun for Five Points. Sure, you’ll find lamps made of Mardi Gras beads and a few other obvious decor choices. Otherwise, the art work and feel of the place just reminds us of something you might find in the cooler parts of the French Quarter. They have a big wrap-around bar and dozens of beer choices. We can’t keep our eyes off the Read more

A Look Inside: Tenn Sixteen in East Nashville

Revealed by the Nashville Guru on 06/25/13

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The owners of 3 Crow Bar and Red Door Saloon bring us Tenn Sixteen, the newest bar and restaurant to grace the Five Points area of East Nashville. Tenn Sixteen (or Tenn 16) officially opened for business on Friday, June 21, 2013, next door to Read more